Water Damage Issues That Start To Surface Once Winter Snowfall Melts

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Water Damage Issues That Start To Surface Once Winter Snowfall Melts

Water Damage Issues That Start To Surface Once Winter Snowfall Melts

21 December 2020
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If there has been snow covering your roof for the winter months, it can cause issues when it starts to melt. The snowmelt can cause water damage to your home that is going to need to be repaired. Sometimes, these issues go unnoticed, and you want to be aware of the potential problems. The following water damage issues are some of the problems you may have to deal with once the snow melts:

Ice Dams That Cause Roof Leaks

Ice dams are a common problem with roofs that can cause serious damage to your home. These issues are caused by ice building up and wearing shingles in areas like the roof's eaves and valleys. Therefore, there may be problems with leaks in these areas after the snow has melted. Sometimes, these leaks can cause serious water damage problems. This is due to the ice dams forming in areas where the damage goes unnoticed. If water from the leaks gets into exterior walls, you will probably need professional help with restorations to repair the damage.

Burst Pipe Issues That Cause Water Damage

During the winter months, temperatures that drop below freezing can also cause damage to plumbing. Sometimes, these issues are obvious due to the water coming from pipes. When the temperatures are below freezing, burst pipes may not be noticeable right away. This is often due to ice stopping the flow of water and other causes. When the ice melts, it can lead to problems with severe water damage.

Exterior Finishes That Are Damaged By Ice and Water

Exterior finishes are also vulnerable to problems with ice and water. The issue is that ice can cut through some materials or cause damage to flashing. Therefore, there could be problems with water damage where ice has damaged the materials. This is a common issue with decks, which have flashing where they are connected to exterior walls. As ice pushes against the wall and flashes, it can cause leaks leading to severe water damage.

Water Getting Into Your Foundation After Snow Melts

The water can also find its way into your foundation after the snow melts. This happens when the groundwater filters through the soil and causes static pressure. This pressure can cause damage to the foundation and waterproofing, which can lead to water damage. The problem is worse when there is melting snow because you may not realize that there is water causing damage to your home.

The issues with water damage after winter will need to be repaired before they get worse when spring rains come. Contact a water damage restoration service to repair these issues before they cause mold and other problems.

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