3 Essential Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance Processes

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3 Essential Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance Processes

3 Essential Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance Processes

29 August 2018
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Hydraulic machinery is utilized on a daily basis in many different industries. These pieces of equipment rely on the flow of hydraulic fluid to create the power required to function properly. A hydraulic cylinder is at the heart of any hydraulic system.

If you want to keep your machinery running efficiently in the future, then you need to invest some time into essential maintenance processes that will keep each machine's hydraulic cylinder in good condition.

1. Thoroughly inspect the rods at regular intervals.

Your hydraulic cylinders contain rods that help them regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid. These rods must remain intact for the hydraulic system to function safely. In the event of a rod seal failure or an overloading of the machine's capacity, the rod can become bent.

You should take the time to inspect the rods in your hydraulic cylinders at regular intervals to ensure they are straight and functioning as they should.

2. Evaluate the condition of the seals within your hydraulic cylinders.

Seals might seem like small components when compared with other parts of your hydraulic cylinders, but a faulty seal could cause irreparable damage to the cylinders themselves. Each seal needs to be properly lubricated and seated properly to avoid excessive wear.

If you need to replace a seal, use only manufacturer-recommended replacement parts to maintain the integrity of your machinery. Checking the condition of the seals within your hydraulic cylinder on a regular basis will help you extend the life of your machinery and maximize the performance of each piece of equipment you rely on daily.

3. Polish the rods within the hydraulic cylinders often.

One of the most damaging things to a hydraulic cylinder is friction. The rods within your cylinders can become rough and pitted over time. The rough surface of the worn rods rubs against the interior walls of the hydraulic cylinders. This can lead to premature failure of the cylinders within your machines.

Schedule regular maintenance for the rods to keep them smooth and efficient. This maintenance should include polishing and finishing to eliminate any rough spots that may have formed on the surface of your hydraulic cylinder rods.

Caring for your hydraulic machinery requires that you pay careful attention to the hydraulic cylinders within each piece of equipment. These cylinders need to be maintained regularly to ensure that you can rely on the proper performance of your machinery in the future. For more information, contact your local hydraulic cylinder repair service. 

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