How To Replace A Screen In An Aluminum Window Frame

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How To Replace A Screen In An Aluminum Window Frame

How To Replace A Screen In An Aluminum Window Frame

24 June 2016
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If the screen in your aluminum frame window is torn, it can easily be replaced. Aluminum window frames are made from flexible material, which makes them easy to remove for screen replacement. Here are some tips to replace a screen in an aluminum window frame.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • tape measure
  • needlenose pliers
  • screwdriver
  • nylon brush
  • utility knife
  • heavy-duty scissors
  • four small C-clamps
  • vinyl window spline
  • screen roller
  • replacement aluminum screen

Remove the Old Screen

Pry the vinyl spline from the window frame with the needlenose pliers. The vinyl spline is a black or gray rubber seal located on the groove of the frame.

If the spline isn't damaged, reuse it. If the spline feels brittle when you bend it, replace it. Clean debris from the groove with a wire brush, or use the tip of screwdriver. Cut a new spline the same size as the old spline. Install the spline around the perimeter of the window frame in four sections.

Metal screens are commonly held in place by locking tabs. Release the locking tabs by pressing on them. Pull the screens out using needle nose pliers. To release stuck tabs, push on them with the screwdriver blade.

Install the New Screen

Measure the old window screen, and add a half-inch to each side. The extra half-inch ensures the screen edges are firmly secured to the spline. Set the new screen on a flat surface, and cut it the size of the old screen plus the extra half-inch with the scissors.

Place the new screen on the window frame. Make cuts on the corners of the screen at forty-five degree angle, which is right over the screen groove on the window frame. Cutting at a forty-five degree angle ensures the screen won't wrinkle in the window corners.

Set the screen aside. Remove the window frame by loosening the screws with the screwdriver, and set it on the work table. Secure the frame to the work table with C-clamps to hold it in place as you install the new screen.

Place the screen on the window frame with the horizontal lines parallel to the top and bottom of the frame.The vertical lines should be parallel to the right and left sides of the frame. All sides should overlap the groove by an eighth of an inch.

Use the screen roller to push the screen in the frame groove. If done properly, there will be excess screen on all sides. If it wrinkles, take it out, and go over it with the screen roller. Insert the frame and screen in the window, then trim excess screen with the utility knife.

Your window will look as good as new with a replacement screen. If you don't trust your skill, contact a professional service such as Northridge Screen.

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