House Settling – Moisture, Mold And Foundation Issues It Causes

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House Settling – Moisture, Mold And Foundation Issues It Causes

House Settling – Moisture, Mold And Foundation Issues It Causes

17 June 2016
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Battling mold and moisture in your basement may seem like a never-ending war that you will never win. The truth of the matter is, your house may have settled and caused damage to the foundation that is allowing the moisture to seep in and cause all of your grief. Here's what to do about damge to your foundation.

Cause of House Settling Moisture Problems

As the house settles, the foundation becomes compromised. The foundation that was built to be water-tight now leaks small amounts of water to the interior.

Not only does house settling cause moisture problems in the basement, but it can also lead to moisture and mold problems on the upper levels of the home. The windows and walls may shift and now allow moisture to leak in around them and slowly begin to fill with mold without your even knowing it.

Identify the Problem

Take the time to complete an inspection of your home. Look for the following issues:

  1. Windows and doors that don't open and close as smoothly as they once did.
  2. Cracks in the mortar in the foundation.
  3. Bowing basement walls.
  4. Floors that aren't level.
  5. Stairs or decks pulling away from the structure.
  6. Gutter drainage systems not carrying the water to the downspouts.

If you find any of these issues, you need to make a call to your local foundation expert to schedule a full inspection of your home. Allowing the issue to persist will cause more damage to your home.

Resolving the Issue

This is not a DIY repair by any means. A foundation professional will have to assess the extent of the damage, come up with a good plan and make the repairs. Soil tests from under the home, building techniques that were used and the materials that were used during construction all need to be considered to determine what caused the house to settle so drastically that it is now causing the problems you are experiencing.

The contractor may consider a few options

  1. Underpinning – the use of steel piers to stabilize the foundation.
  2. Grout Pumping – also referred to as mudjacking, is the use of liquid concrete pumped into the voids under the foundation to create a solid foundation for it to rest on.
  3. Polymer Injections – the use of foam to stabilize weak soil.

Don't put this repair off! The longer the problem persists, the more trouble you will experience and the more costly it will be to repair. For assistance, talk to a professional like Pier Pressure Foundation Repair.

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