Three Unexpected Causes Of Basement Flooding

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Three Unexpected Causes Of Basement Flooding

Three Unexpected Causes Of Basement Flooding

30 May 2016
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Have you been noticing water seeping into your basement even though it hasn't been raining particularly hard and you haven't been through any massive floods lately? If so, it's time to do some inspections, not only of your basement, but also of your house and your geographical region as a whole. Basement flooding can happen due to some unusual causes that might not be at the front of your mind as you watch your basement slowly become a swimming pool. Here are three potential causes in particular that you should look out for.


A lack of water causing flooding sounds nonsensical, but it's not the lack itself that's causing the flooding -- it's the effect of the drought on your home's foundation. When an area goes through a prolonged dry period, soils tend to shrink, especially if they're mainly clay soils. That has two effects that let more water into your basement:

  • The soil shrinks away from the walls of your home, creating more space into which water can flow.
  • The soil shrinks away and makes it easier for your home's foundation to shift, creating tiny cracks that let more water in.

If your area has been experiencing drought, it's essential that you get your basement waterproofed to ensure that more water doesn't get in. However, it's also essential that you get the foundation and soil shored up because if you let the shifting and shrinking continue, you'll only end up with more cracks in the basement walls that can breach the waterproofing layer.

Fracking Earthquakes

If you live in an area where fracking is a major activity, and you have been experiencing quakes as a result -- even small ones -- again, you can end up with a shifting foundation that creates little cracks in the walls. These don't have to be big, visible cracks; remember; microscopic openings that allow water to seep in slowly can do just as much damage over time as large cracks.

Your Roof Gutters

If your area has been receiving rain instead of being in a drought, look up. If your roof gutters are clogged and are sending water over the edges of the gutters, that water could be eroding the soil around your house's walls, your basement, and your foundation. And if you have any microscopic cracks, you get the same old story with water seeping into the walls.

Have both basement waterproofing companies and foundation repair companies come out to take a look at the situation. This is not something you can ignore because if you do, it will only get worse and result in more damage. Contact a company like Basement Waterproofing Washington DC for more information.

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