3 Tips To Help With Home Renovations That Go Up With A New Floor

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3 Tips To Help With Home Renovations That Go Up With A New Floor

3 Tips To Help With Home Renovations That Go Up With A New Floor

28 May 2016
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Buying a home can sometimes mean that you need to do some improvements. With older homes, you may want to remodel and add space to your home. The conventional way to do this is an addition that bumps out from the existing home, but what do you do when there is not enough space on your property? You build up with a new floor or an attic addition. Here are some tips to help you with the improvements to your home with a second floor addition:

1. Study Your Roof And Joists To Start With A Plan

A study of your roof design is a good place to start with a second story addition. You will want to choose features that blend in well to the design of your roof, as well as choose the best locations for structural elements, such areas where loads of second floor walls can be carried down to the foundation footings. This is something that you will need the help of a structural engineer for, they can design the loads that will carry the new addition of your home.

2. Locating Your Stairs Without Taking Space From Main Floor

Stairs are another issue that you will have to deal with, which you will want to locate in a place that does not take from your floor space. This can be turning and existing hallway into a stair well or using a closet or another area to give you space for the stairs. Another option is to have just a small addition of a stairwell to your home, which may not be possible in some cases. If you have existing small bedrooms, consider talking with the engineer about moving them to the upstairs to make room for the stairs.

3. Getting Help Laying Out Structural Loads And Supporting The New Floor

You may also need to get help with the structural loads of your home addition. This is something that requires the help of a structural engineers. They are trained to design loads and can help with the planning of your new addition. They can also advise you on the changes that are going to be needed for things like, additional beams, supporting posts and footing improvements in the foundation.

These are some tips to help you with an addition that goes up, instead of out. If you need help with the planning of your addition, contact a structural engineer to get advice on what needs to be done to support your remodeling addition. 

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