5 Tools to Cut Sheet Metal With

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5 Tools to Cut Sheet Metal With

5 Tools to Cut Sheet Metal With

27 May 2016
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You can purchase sheet metal and it for a variety of functional and decorative uses. For example, you can use it to make doors or reinforce walls, or you can use it to create individual artistic pieces for your home. If you're ready to use sheet metal for your project, here is a quick rundown of the different types of tools you can use to cut and manipulate sheet metal. 

Table Saw

You can use your table saw cut sheets of aluminum if you take a few precautions. When cutting aluminum, you need to use a carbide-tipped blade. Carbide is a very strong material that is capable of cutting through aluminum sheets without becoming damaged.

You should also use a saw that has at least 60 or more teeth; any less teeth and your table saw may have a hard time cutting through the aluminum sheets. You need to put wax on the blade before you begin; this will help keep the saw blade lubricated and ensure that the cut is smooth. Then when using your table saw to cut aluminum sheets, work slowly and carefully. 

Band Saw

You can also use your band saw to cut aluminum sheet metal. You will want to slow down the speed on your band saw though. When cutting metal, you want to go slower than you do when you cut wood. Start at the lowest setting and figure out what speed works best to cut the aluminum sheeting you are working on.


If you have a specific pattern or shape you want to create with your sheet metal, a jigsaw can work great. It can quickly cut through metal without a problem. If you need to make a straight edge with the jigsaw, use a clamp to hold it in place.


If you have a very precise cut that you need to make, you may want to use a nibbler. A nibbler is designed to cut and punch out one tiny piece of sheet metal at a time. However, you can't make large cuts with a nibbler. 


Another good tool for more precise cuts are snips. This tool is also sometimes referred to as tinsnips or aviation snips. They are basically really strong scissors that are designed for cutting soft sheet metal. When using snips, put the metal all the way into the throat of the cutting mechanism before you make a cut. This will keep the aluminum sheeting stable and ensure a clean cut. 

When using any of the above cutting tools on aluminum sheeting, make sure that you protect yourself. You should always wear thick gloves to protect your hands and you should wear protect eyewear to keep your eyes safe from flying shards of metal. To learn more about sheet metal, talk to services like Legacy Restoration & Construction LLC.

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